Arnold's Odyssey


March 19, 2000 Tyrosapounakaiika, Greece 19-Mar-2000 Enroute to Tyrosapounakaiika, Greece  KM ~7600

(I don't have a clue???) [referring to a sticker on back of postcard - "It's all Greek to me!"]
[also a picture of a triangle drawn, to illustrate Pythagoras' theorem.]
   Whew!  I'm still trying to shake off a strange African VIRUS (night sweats, fatigue) but leaped at a chance to climb steps up Acropolis.  What a view!  Birthplace of: Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, et al.  & Democracy ... speaking of democracy it's Gore vs. Bush in good 'ol USA!? (Ho-Hum.)
   I'll sit (or ride) this one out.  Arnold. [bike]

April 2, 2000 Saint Peter's, Vatican City

2 April 2000 (#12)
San Pietro, Citta del Vaticano
Saint Peter's, Vatican City

This Sunday morning I attended the 10 o'clock mass; received Communion; and at noon went out into the square to hear The Pope's message & blessing.  I understood nothing - since I don't speak Latin (or Italian).  However, after extended viewing of the sculpture "La Pieta" (mounted near the entrance) I understood SOMETHING and then wept for the slain Jesus ... for the first time in my life.

April 8, 2000 Repubblica San Marino

8 April 2000 (#13)
Total Trip Kilometers ~9480

Enroute from Urbino, Italy to Caprese Michelangelo, Italy ... we crossed into the "Repubblica San Marino" which is, or appears to be, a Bonč Fěde (sp?) I.E. "real" country - people, buildings, postal system, streets, etc.
But I had never heard of this place before!  Ciao!  - Arnold [bike] on Odyssey 2000

April 15, 2000 Monte-Carlo, Monaco

15 April 2000 (#14)

Odyssey 2000 had to overshoot this place when our insurance brokers pulled their coverage on our gear locker-trucks, and the group was taken by bus to Nice, France.  Tonight, Sokolik, Sharlene, Elizabeth & I doubled back by Train to visit the Luxo Casino here & gawk.  (We were too shy to gamble, but we used the restroom: all marble & sparkles!)  Arnold

April 19, 2000 Marseille, France

19 April 2000 (#15)
Total Trip Kilometers ~10,400

Marseille, France
"Bon Appetit!" - A French driver just exclaimed to us; we're (Kevin, Matt, Barb, AC) seated on the sidewalk munching lunch.  (I had a tuna fish submarine sandwich.)  This is a tough & gritty place, but I know I'm prejudiced - because I've only heard of it, linked to heroin [needle] processing & export. :-O  Whoa, on the approach to town, friend Sokolik almost got hit by a speeding car (he pulled out, didn't see car); I've had a near-miss before myself, W/A semi-truck!  When I encounter (animal) road-kill I avert my eyes, can't bear to look; but I stared at the two (human) fatalities - DOA - on highway 101 in Cal. & in So. Africa. - A

April 24, 2000 Soldeu, Andorra 24 April 2000 (#16)
Soldeu, Andorra
Total Trip Kilometers ~10,900

"Brrr, it's Cold, Cold, Cold!"
Odyssey 2000 crested the Pyrenees at 2407 meters (7702 ft.) altitude today, on roads traversed by Tour de France racers in July 1998.  It's a good thing I wore my ski gloves!  (My sister Lisa had them Fed Ex'd to me in Johannesburg).  The grueling, tough pace of this tour has riven the group into various factions; I'm ambivalent about TK&A's (Tim Kneeland & Associates - or Trying to Kill us All!?) motives, execution, finances, myself ... :-o
Yo! BTW, a belated "Happy Easter" to you, from Andorra (enroute to Spain). - AC

April 27, 2000 Barcelona, Spain 27 April 2000 (#17) Total Trip Kilometers ~11,140 KMS

Barcelona, Spain
ˇHola, Amigo!  My legs were holding up well, but a week ago while kneeling in my tent (it has a low ceiling) I "stepped" on a thorn & pricked my kneecap.  Well, my kneecap is swelling up like a "big Mac", and my left leg is stiff as a board!  I've located a medical dispensary in this town (Odyssey 2000 has no staff doctor - a cause of much grumbling.) But, I have to first screw up the courage to go in! My Spanish is so feeble, I hope they don't misinterpret my grunts, gestures, & then AMPUTATE! - AC

April 29, 2000 Gibraltar 29 April 2000 (#18) Total Trip Kilometers ~11,140 KMS*
*Note, I have not ridden all kilometers, but 7 (of 247) have!

"Rock of" GIBRALTAR -> Formidable, unshakable, unsinkable, bomb-proof -> But...I said & thought the same thing... about Microsoft! :-O  $119 tanked -> $66 7/16
"Cheerio, Chaps!"
Odyssey 2000 riders breezed into this British Colony, after a 14 hour bus ride from Barcelona, Spain.  (We had planned to fly-in originally -- but logistics and/or co$t said, "Take the bus!")  First impressions: the seagulls have the run of the place; they nest in every nook & cranny on the rock face; they've bombed all exposed surfaces with their droppings! (Yuck.)  Medical update: I barged into the Spanish medical dispensary & got diagnosis, antibiotic, pain-killer & tube-sock for infected left kneecap.  Ouch!  (But no amputation.) -AC

May 10, 2000 Monsaras Alentejo, Portugal 10-May-2000 (#19) Total Trip Kilometers ~12,070 KMS

Produzido: Bar-Restaurante - Where we feasted! [happyface]
On a whitewashed wall, A.C. {Alfredo de Campos, Portugese Poet} wrote:
"Dá-me lirios, lirios,
E rosas também
Dá-me rosas, rosas
E lirios também
Crisantemos, dálias,
Violetas e os girassois
Acima de todas as flores
Deita-me ás mancheias
Por cima da alma
Dá-me rosas, rosas
E lirios também..."
{The proprietor de-coded the poem for me!} - AC

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