April 27, 2000

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Barcelona, Spain
Detalle de la Sagrada Familia

27 April 2000 (#17) Total Trip Kilometers ~11,140 KMS

Barcelona, Spain
íHola, Amigo!  My legs were holding up well, but a week ago while kneeling in my tent (it has a low ceiling) I "stepped" on a thorn & pricked my kneecap.  Well, my kneecap is swelling up like a "big Mac", and my left leg is stiff as a board!  I've located a medical dispensary in this town (Odyssey 2000 has no staff doctor - a cause of much grumbling.) But, I have to first screw up the courage to go in! My Spanish is so feeble, I hope they don't misinterpret my grunts, gestures, & then AMPUTATE! - AC