April 24, 2000

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Principat D'Andorra

24 April 2000 (#16)
Soldeu, Andorra
Total Trip Kilometers ~10,900

"Brrr, it's Cold, Cold, Cold!"
Odyssey 2000 crested the Pyrenees at 2407 meters (7702 ft.) altitude today, on roads traversed by Tour de France racers in July 1998.  It's a good thing I wore my ski gloves!  (My sister Lisa had them Fed Ex'd to me in Johannesburg).  The grueling, tough pace of this tour has riven the group into various factions; I'm ambivalent about TK&A's (Tim Kneeland & Associates - or Trying to Kill us All!?) motives, execution, finances, myself ... :-o
Yo! BTW, a belated "Happy Easter" to you, from Andorra (enroute to Spain). - AC