April 29, 2000

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Arial view

29 April 2000 (#18) Total Trip Kilometers ~11,140 KMS*
*Note, I have not ridden all kilometers, but 7 (of 247) have!

"Rock of" GIBRALTAR -> Formidable, unshakable, unsinkable, bomb-proof -> But...I said & thought the same thing... about Microsoft! :-O  $119 tanked -> $66 7/16
"Cheerio, Chaps!"
Odyssey 2000 riders breezed into this British Colony, after a 14 hour bus ride from Barcelona, Spain.  (We had planned to fly-in originally -- but logistics and/or co$t said, "Take the bus!")  First impressions: the seagulls have the run of the place; they nest in every nook & cranny on the rock face; they've bombed all exposed surfaces with their droppings! (Yuck.)  Medical update: I barged into the Spanish medical dispensary & got diagnosis, antibiotic, pain-killer & tube-sock for infected left kneecap.  Ouch!  (But no amputation.) -AC