April 19, 2000

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L'entrée du Vieux Port

19 April 2000 (#15)
Total Trip Kilometers ~10,400

Marseille, France
"Bon Appetit!" - A French driver just exclaimed to us; we're (Kevin, Matt, Barb, AC) seated on the sidewalk munching lunch.  (I had a tuna fish submarine sandwich.)  This is a tough & gritty place, but I know I'm prejudiced - because I've only heard of it, linked to heroin [needle] processing & export. :-O  Whoa, on the approach to town, friend Sokolik almost got hit by a speeding car (he pulled out, didn't see car); I've had a near-miss before myself, W/A semi-truck!  When I encounter (animal) road-kill I avert my eyes, can't bear to look; but I stared at the two (human) fatalities - DOA - on highway 101 in Cal. & in So. Africa. - A