March 19, 2000

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ATHENS: The Acropolis from the west.

19-Mar-2000 Enroute to Tyrosapounakaiika, Greece  KM ~7600  (#10)

(I don't have a clue???) [referring to a sticker on back of postcard - "It's all Greek to me!"]
[also a picture of a triangle drawn, to illustrate Pythagoras' theorem.]
   Whew!  I'm still trying to shake off a strange African VIRUS (night sweats, fatigue) but leaped at a chance to climb steps up Acropolis.  What a view!  Birthplace of: Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, et al.  & Democracy ... speaking of democracy it's Gore vs. Bush in good 'ol USA!? (Ho-Hum.)
   I'll sit (or ride) this one out.  Arnold. [bike]