Arnold's Odyssey

North America

December 30, 1999 Seattle, Washington, USA: "Home is where the heart is!"  :-)
Starting Weight:  ~152 lbs.
Feelings:  Well, it's now or never: I've got the time [1 year] -  the funds [$36k] - and still got the legs [I HOPE]  ... but 20,000 miles is 100 CONSECUTIVE Seattle-to-Portland bike rides!  (Gasp.)

January 1, 2000 Dana Point, California, USA: Jan 3, 2000!

"Happy New Year!   It's good to be ALIVE!"
I yelled out the above to Rose Parade spectators, and to you too (belatedly).  Odyssey 2000 riders jumped the gun and outran all Major Media coverage but could NOT outfly the B2 BOMBER overhead - Awesome!!!
Agape Fellowship gave me a "ERGO" Saddle to use & I think about them on every BUMP!
Monday Morn leaving good old USA for Baja Mexico - "AGUA, AGUA..." ("WATER, WATER...")
- Arnold

January 8, 2000 Catavina, Baja, Mexico 8-Jan-2000 (#3)
Catavina, Baja
Total Trip Kilometers: 773.5

Whew!  Today is our first "Layover Day" - rest after 7 days straight of riding.  I hand-laundered my jerseys & shorts; applied hydro-cortisone salve to a painful fissure in my left heel; clipped my toenails; recalibrated my bike odometer (it was reading -4%); tweaked the bike index shifter; and am jotting this down after a delicious Mexican dinner of fried crispy chicken, beef tortillias (sp?), beans, & "flan" (custard dessert).

Yesterday's stage El Rosario to Catavina, 128KM was brutal: 98 out of ~250 riders had to be "sagged" or picked up by the Sag-Wagon.  I made it into camp at sunset, but only after ingesting Cytomax - a (legal) power drink.  (I've tried to ride on natural food only until now.)

These are the Badlands: Baja Banzai Semi-trucks; ghastly road-kill (a cow, a horse, dog carcasses flatter than a pancake); blistering sun; freezing nights; rough roads; alpine climbs; gritty & dusty.

Never-the-less, I'm having outrageous fun!
- Arnóldo

January 20, 2000

(via email)

San Jose, Costa Rico >How do you feel about the trip now?

Saturday 22-Jan-2000 we bicycle over the 12,000 ft. elevation Cerro de La Muerte pass ("Mountain of Death").

What?  Me worry?


Thanks for your efforts,
- Senor Arnoldo

January 20, 2000 San Jose, Costa Rico 20-Jan-2000 (#4)
San Jose, Costa Rica
Total Trip Kilometers: 1863

Scorching, dry Baja is a (mercifully) receding local, as we've jetted into lush, verdant Costa Rica and get "re-hydrated"(!) here.
Today is a rest day and Sokolik & I toured downtown & viewed the pre-Columbian Gold exhibit.  During cafe-lunch our table was swarming w/ peddlers offering cigars - hammocks - full length mirror - shoe shines - bird feathers - figurines --- we caved in & bought pre-Columbian "transformer" figurines that whistle when you blow them with your lips.

- Arnold

January 28, 2000 Panama City, Panama 28-Jan-2000 /  Total Trip Kilometers 2732 / Weight: 65 Kg

Panama City - Panama
San Jose, Costa Rica to Panama City has to be the most challenging biking I've ever done!  Six days...straight thru!
Friend Sokolik was attacked by "killer" bees & stung 10 times; he's recovering nicely but - what new bugs await us ?!  Kids in Central America have been great, cheering us on with "Whoops" and waves.
Most memorable meal?  I nominate the pan-fried fish at a small cafe on Pan American Highway near San Bartolo: crispy - moist - delicious!  I'm eating ravenously but not getting FAT.  Next stop: Chile!

On the Road Again, Arnold    BTW, new BUZZcut --> (self portrait)

North America

May 13, 2000 Washington D.C., USA:

13-May-2000 (#20)

God Bless America! [Stars & Stripes]
I'm "sleeping over" two nights here in a lounge at Dulles Airport, awaiting flight time back to Seattle - for "R&R" - rest & relaxation from O2K.  (To make a short-story long, I save 50% by stalling.  This makes sense/cents to me - with Microsoft plunging 50%)  I'm skipping the east coast/NYC leg and will rejoin in Ottawa.  In Seattle I'll do a rebuild of my 'Global 2000' bike - it's beaten up!  I would prefer to ride my Ti-bike but that's taboo! :-(
 - Arnold

North America

January 1, 2001 Seattle, Washington

01/01/01 Happy New Year!
"Home is where the heart is!"

Ending Weight: ~135lbs.

I got up at 7:45 A.M. and warmed up the TV (it's a 1978 Sony, purchased just to see the Huskies in that year's Rose Bowl) for I wanted to see the remnants of Odyssey 2000 in this year's Rose Parade.  (These are riders who paid an extra $3000 surcharge to continue at Singapore.  I refused to pay - hence my vicarious TV longings.)

On TV? Not a peep!  (Same as last year?!)  I confirmed Odyssey was in the parade (via internet) but if they were again placed at the "Pole Position" (1st in line) they're overlooked.  (continued ->

-> continued) Oh well - so it goes :-(  (sigh.)

Last week the weather was cloudy (see reverse [bottom postcard]) and rain.  Today - spectacular!  So I hopped on my "Global 2000" bike and met Susan Cady, Richard & Joyce (ex-Odyssey riders) at Leschi.  We spin up the Burke-Gilman trail; we get closure, at last!

So this is the "End of the line!"  Odyssey is over and I'm readjusting to the "real world."  I purchased a new car (Honda Insight).  I've been visiting my "old haunts" - Sea Garden Restaurant in Chinatown; Starbucks (several locations); Pho Van on Rainier Ave.

Special Thanks:

Lisa Chu - kept my creditors at bay, for the year!
David Schilling - webmaster supreme!

- Arnold