January 1, 2001

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Spring in Seattle, Summer in Seattle, Fall in Seattle, and Winter in Seattle

01/01/01 Happy New Year!
"Home is where the heart is!"

Ending Weight: ~135lbs.

I got up at 7:45 A.M. and warmed up the TV (it's a 1978 Sony, purchased just to see the Huskies in that year's Rose Bowl) for I wanted to see the remnants of Odyssey 2000 in this year's Rose Parade.  (These are riders who paid an extra $3000 surcharge to continue at Singapore.  I refused to pay - hence my vicarious TV longings.)

On TV? Not a peep!  (Same as last year?!)  I confirmed Odyssey was in the parade (via internet) but if they were again placed at the "Pole Position" (1st in line) they're overlooked.  (continued ->

-> continued) Oh well - so it goes :-(  (sigh.)

Last week the weather was cloudy (see reverse [bottom postcard]) and rain.  Today - spectacular!  So I hopped on my "Global 2000" bike and met Susan Cady, Richard & Joyce (ex-Odyssey riders) at Leschi.  We spin up the Burke-Gilman trail; we get closure, at last!

So this is the "End of the line!"  Odyssey is over and I'm readjusting to the "real world."  I purchased a new car (Honda Insight).  I've been visiting my "old haunts" - Sea Garden Restaurant in Chinatown; Starbucks (several locations); Pho Van on Rainier Ave.

Special Thanks:

Lisa Chu - kept my creditors at bay, for the year!
David Schilling - webmaster supreme!

- Arnold