January 20, 2000

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Costa Rica

Rana De Ojos Rojos
Red Eyed Leaf Frog
Grenouille Aux Yeux Rouges
Agalychinis callidryas
Foto Adrian Hepworth Z-16 1999c

20-Jan-2000 (#4)
San Jose, Costa Rica
Total Trip Kilometers: 1863

Scorching, dry Baja is a (mercifully) receding local, as we've jetted into lush, verdant Costa Rica and get "re-hydrated"(!) here.
Today is a rest day and Sokolik & I toured downtown & viewed the pre-Columbian Gold exhibit.  During cafe-lunch our table was swarming w/ peddlers offering cigars - hammocks - full length mirror - shoe shines - bird feathers - figurines --- we caved in & bought pre-Columbian "transformer" figurines that whistle when you blow them with your lips.

- Arnold