December 5, 2000

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The Tiger Car, in the 1940's
The Tiger Car typified Aw Boon Haw's flair for promoting his Tiger Balm business.

December 5, 2000 (#48) Total Trip Kilometers 26,150. [arrow to period]

The American Public (me too!) took notice of this tiny island-city-state with the saga of American teenager Michael Fay, who got CANED for vandalizing a car a few years ago.  That hard-line against crime & littering, etc., seems to be working o.k. here - this is perhaps the safest, cleanest burg I've seen (next to Mercer Island)!

AIEEE... Odyssey 2000 has burned up its cash, and requested another $3000 to go on to New Zealand.

No money,  [sad face]
No biking
I'm O-U-T out!  AC