November 19, 2000

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Sutra Beach Resort ( )

November 19, 2000 (#47) (?) Total Kilometers 25,494
Terengganu, Malaysia

Our gracious hosts at Sutra Beach Resort provided complimentary i.e. "free" batiks (sarongs) to everyone, and I wore mine to dinner, then showed it off by dancing in the finale of (!) the after-dinner show, of traditional ethnic Malay music.

It's monsoon season here drenching rain, then hot sun, followed by deluge again.  At kilometer 49 toward Cherang on yesterday's ride, climbing the high bridge at mid-span I was surprised by sand bags, soldiers w/ machine guns monitoring traffic.  What's up?  Whatever the political situation - riots? smugglers? (I don't know.) ... It's intense! - Arn