September 24, 2000

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Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
in training

September 24, 2000 (#41)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

G'Day Mates! Bill Gates came to the Olympics and attended that table tennis (i.e. ping-pong) competition, so of course I had to check it out! The most memorable match I saw was the women's doubles semi-finals match, Li Ju & Wang Wan of the People's Republic of China vs. Moo-Kyo Kim & Ji-Hye Ryu of Korea. (I could not tell if those sisters were from North or South Korea; it wasn't disclosed.) With the best -of-five games score tied at 2-2, tension was almost unbearable; the fifth & final games score tied at 18-18; 19-19; 20-20; 21-21; 22-22. Then, the Koreans cracked, and the PRC won it 24-22! - Arnold