September 12, 2000

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Vincent Van Gogh 1853-1890
Zelfportret voor ezel
Self-portrait before easel
Autoportait devant chevalet
Selbstbildnis vor staffelie

Amsterdam, Netherlands Accum Trip KMS: ~22,570
September 12, 2000 (#40)

(Vincent Van Gogh is a native son, and his vivid self-portrait on reverse leads off the permanent exhibition of his paintings here in town.) Odyssey 2000 set up camp 25 Kilometers out in the boonies; (but where there's a will, there's a way) I got to share a taxi-wagon with 7 others eager to see this city. Now, in Seattle, panhandlers will often times play an instrument or wear a card board sign lamenting their fate to garner donations. Tonight, in Amsterdam, I witnessed a middle-aged pan-handler perform suspended acrobatics in the center of town, wearing only an emerald lamé jock-strap! (I should have stayed out in the boonies.) - AC