July 31, 2000

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Stockholm, Sweden
Moose on the loose!

[card drenched in water somewhere between Stockholm and here]

31 July 2000 (#29) Total Trip Kilometers: 19,498
Stockholm, Sweden

I'm staying at the Odyssey's "Vandrarhem Stf Backpackers Inn" - a youth hostel with large, 14-bedded rooms.  The hostel converts the local Gardesskolan School (during summer recess) for revenue bookings.  Even with 14 in a room, I slept like a brick! - with the help of 'natural' was earplugs, and sheer exhaustion from riding.  Well rested, this afternoon I took a guided tour of "Sveriges Riksdag" - the Swedish parliament building, and got an introduction to democracy here.  Very classy, elegant, understated; the place reminded me of ... Nordstroms! -AC