July 25, 2000

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Copenhagen, Denmark
Den lille Havfrue
The little Mermaid
(Skulpturen udført af Edvard Eriksen)

25 July 2000 (#28) Total Trip Kilometers ~18,650
Copenhagen, Denmark

This town is the most "bicycle friendly" place Odyssey riders have entered (so far)!  There are bike paths on both sides of arterials; there are lots of bikes in use - perhaps 50% of residents are regular riders; and car drivers seem docile toward cyclists.  Today I visited the famous "Tivoli Gardens" amusement park (by bike) and saw, on an outdoor stage, a trained-seal act.  There were two seals; they were glistening & black & surprisingly huge; and they were good!  One trick performed was to balance 4 filled wine glasses on a tray, on top of a wine bottle, on the seal's nose! (even I cannot do that trick. :-) )
Copenhagen is so charming, I don't want to leave... Arnold