June 26, 2000

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P17 Sheep

26-June-2000 (#23)
Newbridge-on-Wye, Wales

"Tra bydd golau goch sefwch yma" (When red light shows wait here)
I am flabbergasted by the Welsh language on bilingual traffic signs here!  Wales is adjacent to England, yet it seems the root language is from Planet "W":-)
Whew!  Five weeks layover in Seattle, & I am way of of shape, though I get a boost riding my own Ti-bike in this hilly, lush green terrain - where numerous...P17 "sheep" "Defaid" are grazing.  (My knee is still tender.)
Psychological warfare (You heard it here first): One (or more) disgruntled O2K rider is depositing live 12-gauge shotgun shells around camp.  I discovered two!  :-O  -AC