June 21, 2000

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Double-decker bus

21-June-2000 (#22)
London, England {First visited in 1984}  {I was just a "spring chicken" back then}

"Please mind your bags.  Professional bag thieves operate in this area."  The above caution sign in posted in the Starbucks cafe next to Chinatown and caused me to tighten my grip on my shopping bag, as I sipped my brew.  Earlier I had purchased a new bike odometer at "Evans U.K. Bikes & Bits" on Waterloo Rd.  (I have to replace the odometer - it's on my Ti-bike, yes! - & wiring harness - the wiring got stretched & broken in shipping.)
Cutting across Shaftesbury Avenue in Soho I'm looking at the bright theatre marquees - just like a tourist, gawking.  A pleasant young man approaches me & queries, "You like hash-hish?  Cocaine?!"  Tsk-tsk.  -AC