February 14, 2000

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auto museum moncopulli
Studebaker Commander - 1950

Parque Macional Nahuel Huapi
Nahuel Huapi National Park


Cerro Tronador
Mount Tronador, 3478m

14-Feb-2000 (#7)  Total Trip Kilometers ~4200

*San Carlos De Bariloche,
  Argentina - "Don't Cry For Me..."

  (This side is written in Argentina and them mounted onto an Arg. postcard - if I can find one!?  Otherwise, the flip side is a funky Studebaker Museum visited in Chilly Chile: we ducked in out of rain. [lightning and rain])
  We biked up "Summit Paso International Cardenal Antonio Samore" @ 4290 ft. Elevation & it was cold!
  But at least we were on concrete on the Chile side; the descent on Arg. side was 25 Km on steep gravel road route 231: potholes - mud - stones - semi trucks: pure punishment, but I survived w/o dive!

"Ciao", Arnold [bike]