October 15, 2000

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Hong Kong
Herbal Tea Shop, Temple Street, Kowloon

October 15, 2000 (#42 [43 really])
Hong Kong China S.A.R
(Special Administrative Region)

Odyssey 2000 riders & staff are staying at the "Panda" hotel in Tsuen Wan.  At our dinner banquet we were served a huge steamed fish, garnished with green onion & bather in light soy sauce & oil; it was delicious!
- And the top half was quickly devoured.  Now, to get at the remainder, the fish has to be flipped over; but which way - sideways (easy) or head-over-tail?  I advised the table to flip the fish head-over-tail, because (of the superstition that) doing the easy sideways flip will curse & cause our fishing boat to flip over & capsize!  SPLASH!  - Arnold