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Hi David!  I just want to thank you SOOOOOO much for forwarding Arnie's odyssey to all of us.  I stayed up the other night until 3:00 a.m. (yep, in the morning) catching up on his travels.  Daniel and I are inspired to venture out and bike more often (on Burke-Gilman) this year.  Perhaps we can all plan a bike trip in early Spring in honor of the IRON MAN!

-- Wendy


be sure to tell arnold and sokolik that there are quite a few of us at boeing that are living vicariously thru their web page postings and that we're all proud (and jealous) of them!

-- janine graves


Outstanding job of journaling Arnold's Odyssey, David!  I enjoyed every little bit of what you've put together!  Thank you!  Wow, what an interesting, fun adventure! 

-- Dennis W. D. Wong


Once again, thanks for doing this - I just discovered the pictures part of the postcards, and the latest one from Swaziland is sooooo cute!  Previously I had just read the postcards, not realizing that I could access the picture by clicking the date!  I'm, as it were, from the "backcountry" when it comes to web knowledge.   It was you who clued me in on clicking onto Arnold's picture to get more pics of Arnie.

-- Lisa Chu