Arnold's Odyssey


February 19, 2000 Hazyview, South Africa "Odyssey Riders at Sunrise"

19-Feb-2000 Total Trip Kilometers ~4562

Hazyview, South Africa
We took off from Bariloche, Argentina on a very short runway! 747 Captain "Hamed" clamped the brakes, spooled up to take off thrust, & let go: we were slingshot into the air!  South Africa has had a tragic, bloody history (like U.S.A.) & Odyssey 2000 riders were advised to ride in a "pack", for security reasons.  We've gotten to the gates of Kruger Nature Park - but won't bike thru: meals on wheels, not!  AC

February 22, 2000 Ezulweni, Mbabane, Swaziland

22-Feb-2000 Total Trip Kilometers ~4806 (#9)

Ezulweni, Mbabane, Swasiland
Drenched again!  Cyclone "Eileen" is dogging Odyssey 2000 riders as we make our way clockwise from Johannesburg to Swaziland to Durban to Capetown.  Yep! - Swaziland is another country 'cuz we had to get our passports stamped.
  Also, the natives are more {{{UPPITY}}} than in South Africa: I traded "High Fives" w/a bro. & he slapped my hand so hard (as I rode by on my bike) that my hand stung - even wearing padded gloves!
  Today's ride was 169 Kilometers - long & hilly & there were wicked headwinds.  I had to really grind - grind - grind to finish the course...
  But this beats walking the SPEEA picket line @ Boeing!  -AC